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12 Bar Blues

Estranged Reality

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Last week I said that I didn't particularly like this album, but tonight - maybe because of the mood I'm in - I'm loving it.

It's really out there. Very unique.

I still disagree with ODS that the lyrics on Barbarella are better than "anything" Axl has written (he wrote that song while he was on heroin, and if you read the lyrics they really don't make much sense - "dance the musky queer" - at all times??).

But anyway, I think there's an honesty in the songs - including Barbarella - that transcends the lyrics. (And it's not that the lyrics are bad, but you have to be in the right state of mind to appreciate them - they're trippy and far out...the Morrison influence is there.)

I love Cold Kiss actually now that I'm listening to it again. I've had the album on repeat for the past hour.

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