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Nas vs. Jay-Z

Guest Ohdistortedsmile1789

Nas vs. Jay-Z  

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But, as Trent Reznor said it a couple of days ago, rap is a dying genre.

And Industrial Rock is still alive and kickin'?

I'd say Nas. He truly murdered Jay in "Ether." I give Jay mad props though. He's a lyrical genius.


My name is Hov', OH, H-to-the-O-V

I used to move snowflakes by the O-Z

I guess even back then you can call me

CEO of the R-O-C, Hov'!

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Guest Jack_the_ripper

Jay-z gotta give props to his rap dynasty. For the record, Jay-z also ripped apart Nas in a song.

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Guest Ohdistortedsmile1789

Well I suppose I'll have to get more in depth here.

Early on, I supported Nas, for the usual reasons. I identified with him as an intellectual, and I thought he was lyrically superior to Jay-Z.

But then there are the glaring flaws in Nas' career.

Illmatic was a classic, but it's very overrated. It's way too short. During the mid 90s, most Rap albums were only stopped by the capacity of the compact disc, and what's more, many artists created double albums for this purpose. Nas' storied debut clocks in at around 40 minutes, leaving alot to be desired.

Now over a decade has passed, and Nas hasn't released another album as prestigious and popular as Illmatic, a flawed record in itself.

Jay-Z hit the scene hard with Reasonable Doubt, and didn't take a break until his "retirement" following The Black Album. Inbetween, he released many hit albums and pretty much stayed atop the Rap game all the while.

There's a certain identity problem. Nas has attempted to fill the role of 2Pac. And while he's been very successful, those shoes have certainly not been filled. Jay-Z has basically done his own thing. I wouldn't be surprised to hear him compared to Biggie, but his work is less vulgar, and far less troubled as well.

It's 2Pac and Jay-Z who've set the tone for Rap today, Nas just isn't a part of the equation anymore.

And then there's the present. Nas is releasing songs about why Hip-Hop is dead, Jay-Z is releasing hot Hip-Hop songs. That's the reality of it all. Jay-Z is classic, everything he puts out is hot and sells like crazy. Nas will be wildly defended by the purists and socially conscious for years to come, but Jay-Z will be a more major figure in musical history.

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