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Michael Jackson

Vincent Vega

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I know some would laugh at me for this, but in his early career before he became what he is now, he was a fucking musical genius. He, and earlier the Jackson 5, produced some of the catchiest, greatest, most danceable songs ever. Songs such as "ABC", "Beat It", "Billie Jean" are just fucking brilliant. In my mind, there are two Michael Jacksons: The black one who produced classic songs and albums and brought worldwide fame and adoration on himself and the white MJ who brought only controversy and shame on himself.

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MJ is innocent. They never proved anything, and he has always been a musical genius. I'm hoping his new album this year will shut people up. It's unfortunate that he looks the way he does, but that doesn't change what he's done.

He has written the best pop music ever in my honest opinion.

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