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Slash Says All Is Well With Velvet Revolver


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DATE: Jan. 19, 2007

SOURCE: Ultimate-Guitar.com

Slash Says All Is Fine With Velvet Revolver

artist: slash date: 01/19/2007 category: video news

Slash was inducted as part of the Hollywood Rockwalk on Wednesday evening, and he was ushered in with Ronnie James Dio and Terry Bozzio. Slash, who is in the middle of working on the next Velvet Revolver album, was rumored to have had a falling out with the band at one point.

Backstage at the event we asked Slash about how the members of Velvet Revolver were getting along.

"Oh, everything's great. We're all getting along great. We went through a lot of stuff from, we toured for 19 months on the last record. We had a lot of business issues that we had to deal with. We had a lot of personal issues we had to deal with. We had alot of people coming out of the woodwork trying to sort of wreck the band, and issues that were sort of...we hadn't predicted. You didn't expect things to happen. There was some old Guns N' Roses stuff that came up, that reared its head, that was really ugly. But we hung in there and that makes us stronger as a group. Basically everybody survived it, and we're that much stronger for it, and we've made an amazing record, so it's all good."

We also asked him about the forthcoming record.

Watch video: Slash Talks About The New Velvet Revolver Album

"I think we tried a lot of different ways of doing things, and there was a couple of songs that stuck from every sort of different attempt at this environment or that environment or if we had some stuff recorded at home, everything that we did, there was always one to three songs that came out of that session. The record is basically done, so..."

Slash recently contributed guitar parts to the new Daughtry album and the new single by Paulina Rubio. Velvet Revolver will play with Aerosmith for a few South American dates this spring, but no other tour dates or details were known at press time.


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