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Shelter From The Storm live


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I'm no purist (hell, I see Dylan with his current electric rock/blues band whenever I can), but I do prefer this tune accoustic. The lyrics are some of Dylan's best. Probably has my favorite single verse he's ever written:

Suddenly, I turn around and she is standing there

Silver bracelets 'round her wrists and flowers in her hair

She approaches me so gracefully, removes my crown of thorns

Come in she says, I'll give ya

Shelter from the storm.

Electricity not withstanding, this is an absolutely amazing performance. The Rolling Thunder Review (Joan Baez, T-Bone Burnet, Scarlet O'Hara to name a few of the members) is unquestionably Dylan's best band, save for maybe The Hawks/The Band. Incredible group that was. Wish they'd do a reunion tour...

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