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White Lion


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yes another one of the 80's hair metal bands...this is one is most known by the singles "When The Children Cry" and "Wait". I've got their Pride album and pretty good,more poppy,but still with some good riffs. Best songs there "Hunger" and "Wait".

who else knows about them/is a fan?

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This band sucks even more than Warrant. "When The Children Cry"? What kind of songtitle is that? All the W-bands make me sick. A real disgrace to music.

Before you start calling me somebody,who dosen't know anything about music and has zero taste, then I would like to say that you calling White Lion a disgrace to music after 3 minutes you heard of them and by reading some of their song titles is khm pretty interesting.

All the people in the forum,since I won the worst poster in Mygnr once (was it 2005 or 2006) then I formally suggest that I have found a worthy heir to my throne. Everybody please vote for Lithium. He maybe 3rd in the periodic table,but he can climb even higher in that poll. (Y)

And When The Children Cry ummm....it's about lyrics for When The Children Cry

you decide for yourselves

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