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Guns N' Roses is Gigantinho Stadium in Porto-Alegre, Brazil


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"Confirmadíssimo! As bandas americanas Guns N'Roses e Foo Fighters vêm tocar em abril em Porto Alegre, ambas provavelmente no Gigantinho."

I don't get it, doesn't that mean that it's confirmed that they will probably be playing?

no!!! they will play in porto alegre for sure...but probably will be on gigantinho stadium..but could be on another stadium or arena...

but one thing for sure is that they wil play in porto alegre!!

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Axl is going to look like such a jerkoff if "Chinese Democracy" isn't out by this show, so this could be a good sign.

I'm willing to bet that at least 100 people made this exact same post verbatim this time last year...

And was he not a jerk-off who went on a chinese democracy tour without chinese democracy?

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Album will be finished before they tour again. Axl won't get away with touring again w/no album. I believe the rumor that the recording is done. There's gotta be a release date announced before they tour again.

If Guns tours again w/o album released. He will be bood ferociously! He shouldn't do it.


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Another Chinese Democracy tour with no album?

I don't hope but i think so

That's what a Brazilian journal is saying:

"...And, this year, take a note:

Bob Dylan, The Police - with the classic line-up, Cypress Hill and, before Chinese Democracy, Guns N' Roses.

All in Porto Alegre."

Porto Alegre is a city in the south of Brasil. If this is really true, I think they would play at least in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo too, so it wouldn't be just one show here. But take this as a grain of salt, of course.


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Is this about the same time Aerosmith are rumoured to be touring S.America? Possibly with VR? :book:


Yes...Its already confirmed. Tickets are on sale for that. Of course ill be there :xmasssanta:

nice dude, grats, enjoy, Axl puts on a hell of a show. People on this forum seem to forget that. You wil have a great time. Cheers!

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