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Top 10 Money Makers in Music for 2006

Guest Yanni_16

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Guest Yanni_16

Well, I just saw the top 10 money makers in music according to Forbes, here's the article and link to the website I got it from.

This week, Forbes released its annual list of music industry power earners, and not surprisingly, you listen to 10% of 'em.

01. The Rolling Stones ($150.6 million)

02. Tim McGraw / Faith Hill ($132 million)

03. Rascal Flatts ($110.5 million)

04. Madonna ($96.8 million)

05. Barbra Streisand (95.8 million)

06. Kenny Chesney ($90.1 million)

07. Celine Dion ($85.2 million)

08. Bon Jovi ($77.5 million)

09. Nickelback ($74.1 million)

10. Dave Matthews Band ($60.4 million)

That's a collective intake of $973 million (down from $994 million, but cry us a river). The list only includes U.S. tour grosses and album sales, which means it doesn't include sponsorships, merch, ringtones, or music and ticket sales from the rest of the world. The industry's still fucked though; tour revenues go straight to band, so this doesn't help record companies. (Look for tour profit sharing, coming soon!) And this is the Stones second year on top, with $138.5 million coming from the road. Any wonder why Mick's still doing the strutting chicken dance?

Link: http://www.stereogum.com/archives/004432.html

Musicians may not get very much from album sales, but they sure make it up through touring. These people are grossly overpaid, and I realize these are the very top earning people in their field, and out of the thousands of musicians worldwide, only the elite few make this kind of money while most have to hold down second jobs, but this is still bullshit. The music scene is seriously stale when a band like Nickelback rakes in almost $75 mil. Also, if this is the kind of money musicians can make touring, I'm curious as to how much Axl has made over the course of his career.

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