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A sad sad story


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Bikini Black Special http://www.myspace.com/bikiniblackspecial1

Teen rocker hangs himself


February 02, 2007


A YOUNG rocker hanged himself after being ditched by his band, an inquest heard yesterday.

Bass guitarist Ben Smith, 18, was convinced indie outfit Bikini Black Special was on the verge of fame.

Their debut EP Wicked Ways started selling in HMV and Ben told his family he was going to be rich.

But his world fell apart when best mate Luke Fitton, the lead singer, ditched him and drummer Matthew Whitehead.

They were replaced by two other lads.

Weeks later Ben went out for dinner with girlfriend Chloe Szoradi, 16, to celebrate their first anniversary last August.

The next day his mum Julie found him hanging from his wardrobe at home in Huddersfield, West Yorks.

Referring to his sacking, Ben said in a final note: “Best mates don’t do that to one another.”

Mum-of-three Julie, 45, told the town’s coroner’s court: “Ben really believed the band was going to be his career.”

Coroner Roger Whitaker said the sacking played on Ben’s mind.

After the hearing, dad Mark, 47, a grocer, said: “He was a lovely lad. The band just kicked him out and carried on.”

Luke paid tribute to Ben on the group’s website, adding: “It was never written in stone that this band would be together forever.” Verdict: Suicide.

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