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My Guns N' Roses Collection

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That's a VERY nice collection dude!

You can check out mine here. It's not only that page, but you have to use the menu to the left where it says "1. Guns n' roses - Guns N' Roses" to go to the other 2 pages of GN'R-reocrds. I think you'll figure it out :D

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I am so jealous. Fucking amazing collection, youre so lucky to have met slash and matt ! Not to mention all the rest of it :)

same here, great collection pal.

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He just has lots of money from his parents probably

It's not hard to get all of that, all you need is money

hmm guess again dickhole

I've been working since I was 16 years old and buy everything I have with my own money.


I've added some stuff since this post was originally made including:

-Live From The Jungle EP

-Slash pick from VR show

-Matt Drumstick from VR show

-various gn'r/vr reltaed magazines

-Slash sculpture from knucklebonz(guitarhero.com) (455/3000)

hmm that might be it, not sure

by the way, I've seen people say those slash scultptures are too high priced(100)...if any of you get one, I can guarantee you would not be dissapointed, they are amazing.

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I don't feel like jealous, because I'm really not good at taking care of my stuff. I even ruined an original 87 appetite tour shirt. So I know if I had all your stuff I'd be crying for years when I realised I had broken it.. :P

But I definately like what I see :)

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