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Dead Flower's big day out!

Dead Flower

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I live in a "city" called Perth that is actually nothing more than a big country town, so I don't get to see a lot of good bands live. (I'm still weeping over Velvet Revolver cancelling their gig here a couple of years ago when they toured Aus).

So when you get to see two of your favourite rock bands (Muse and Tool) on the same day, it's pretty fucking awesome – even with the heat, the shorter sets, and the enormous amount of cockhead bogan assholes stinking up the joint.

Bands I saw:

The Butterfly Effect (well, the second half of their set):

These guys play music that sounds like a more mainstream/radio-friendly version of Tool. Of course, they have nowhere near the talent. Pretty ordinary.


Sweet zombie jesus, after two songs I wanted to kill myself. The keyboard player is a cockhead and unintentionally hilarious. They looked so out of place at this event.


Amazing how many fans they had, because I honestly hadn't heard of them before yesterday. I'm so out of the loop. Anyway, it was either these guys or My Chemical Romance, so we went with the unknown. I thought they were pretty cool, but it's always difficult to get into a band when you're hearing their material for the first time.


I'd only heard bits and pieces of their stuff, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised, they put on a great live show and had some cool tunes. I'm gonna check out more of their stuff.


Pretty cool actually. I knew the radio stuff and they put on a good show.


I actually wanted to go see Something For Kate, but these guys were the whole reason two people in my group went to the show... So, yeah, they were extraordinarily average. Got some angry stares from Jet fans, after I called the lead singer a fuckwit - the thing that annoyed me most about this bloke was when he unfurled the Australian flag in a rather obvious attempt to impress the bogan element of the crowd who thought it was a "bloody national disgrace!" that the Australian flag was banned from the event.


Oh my, they were sublime. Just so good at what they do – made every other group look like a high school band in comparison. The sound was perfect, the playing was perfect, the stage-show was perfect. Couldn't believe Bellamy – he might be a short, skinny, nerdy lookin' fella, but he's got such a stage presence. His voice and energy won over the crowd immediately and he had them eating out of his hand for the entire set. Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard are the best rhythm section in rock today, and will be up their with the best of all time by the end of their careers – they just THUMP those awesome grooves into your head. Highlights were Stockholm Syndrome (of course), Knights of Cydonia, Plug in Baby and Map Of The Problematique.


I don't know, maybe Muse are just a really tough act to follow. While Muse were vibrant, fun and full of energy, Tool just seemed a bit dull in comparison. Maynard's voice also seemed a bit lost in the mix – though the wind had really picked up by then, which might have contributed to it. Don't get me wrong, they were clearly the second best act of the day, and it's great that I can now claim to have seen one of the best singers and best drummers in rock history, but they were a bit disappointing, imo. 46 & 2 was some hot shit, though.

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I've only got one album, Ascendancy. I guess my fave tracks off it are... Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr, Rain and A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation.

The songs off their new album sounded too Metallica ripoff-y for my likes. But this album is pretty good.

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Kasabian, check out:

'Empire' - What a song, great video aswell. Also, you said you enjoyed the Killers, you should definetly check out the album track 'This River is Wild' from 'Sam's Town'. You know I used to actually like Tool but that was years ago now and I honestly couldn't name a single track by them.

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yer man i went to the sydney one and i have to say tool didnt impress me all that much...ill go as far as to say it was a pretty boring show...

agreed muse was awesome too at the sydney show...but i missed out on the mosh so i could get at the front of the tool mosh...

i hadnt heard much of trivium either...but i fuckin loved it...the mosh that is...it was fuckin insane...the singer jus kept tellin us in the crowd "let me see a few of those fuckin circles" and then bang...the bullpit was mental...an awesome mosh...music was decent enough too...played their awesome version of master of puppets...

wasnt really pain attention to too many bands...didnt get into the killers man...jus dont like their sound i guess...

jet were pretty boring but i still didnt mind em...

but yer great day...

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