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Heyy i have played guitar for 2 years now i have a band and im good on guitar that old chestnut :P basically i was hoping some of the more experienced guitarists on here would be able to give me some advice on which type of scales to learn next i know all majors , minors pentatonics etc. but im unsure of where to go next if possible i was hoping for maybe a link where i can also print these scales off

Any help appreciated thanks alot !!!! :)

By the way im not into shredding much im more of a slow / rock n' roll solo sorta guy rock1

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try this...

write a chord progression, or listen to a progression without lead, and instead of improving over it..think the notes...whats comes to your head?

Or you can hum and record it....this way ur not focusing on the scales, ur focusing on the melody....this gets u out of the repetition trap..

Also, the chord progression dictates the scale you're in...so no matter how many scales u know, u still onl have a certain amount of notes that don't sound 'wrong'

and once u know the major scale, and the minor scales (natural, melodic and harmonic) everything else is based around those. Modes are just those scales starting on a different note.

For example C Major = A minor = D dorian...all the same notes...

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