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Lies master recording


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those are out of print and highly sought after for ther superior sound. when they were "in print" you could get one for like $25. but since they're getting hard to find the price has gone way up.

here's an old thread that talks about it some:


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A sealed copy of Lies is worth about $60. AFD about $80. UYI I can run up to $120 and UYI II $150. The company that makes these versions is at Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs There used to be a really great FAQ online about these discs but last I checked it was taken offline. I found a bit of info here: http://www.thenightowl.com/reviews/mfsl.htm

And as far as I remember, the company makes about 5,000 copies of each album and sells them for about $25. If they have any copies left over they burn them so as to preserve the value of the ones that are out there, and of course they do not re-produce the album in the future even if demand exists for it. I'd agree that the sound is superior, but the differences are subtle. Most people would probably only buy these if they are collectors.

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