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Is this the type of a music video you expect from axl?


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I don't expect Justin Timberlake to be in a Guns N' Roses video :rolleyes:

maybe a dick in a box? :rolleyes:

Perhaps... which song are you thinking of :unsure:

just(in) search in youtube :rolleyes:

Thats my favorite pop song of the new 00's.

I heard it the day his cd came out at this chicks house. Really good song.

i just like the second part from that song. its a cool epic melody in which you can sing the choruslyrics from "the blues" :xmasssanta:

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http://youtube.com/watch?v=pI333N6dyn4 its kinda boring til the end, but art-isch ;)

i like it from minute 7. cool melody and nice scenes

Jesus Christ, how many victims will crack claim?

If Axl puts out shit tha is anything like Timberlake you will see me unregistered on this forum and registered on a VR or Motley Crue forum.


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I'm hoping Axl never does anything like Justin Timberlake.

The first video they release needs to showcase the band. It should be a Dead Horse style video, showing the band live and kicking ass playing a cool hard rocker kind of song. To me that is the only way to re-introduce GN'R to the masses.

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A Justin appreciation thread on a GnR forum? The song and video are both shit. I don't really understand what the point of this topic is.....

the point is. the video is 9 min long. it's not a shitty video like desecration smile by rhcp. justin timberlake sells much cds. and the question is if axl should do such a long and shortstoryvideo like in the early 90s or if he should do stuff like u2, rhcp, the killers, etc

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Christina was amazing. She and Ludakris tied for best not-Police performance of the night for me. Christina's tribute to James was great, and Luda with EW&F was just magnicent, plus the song is just fantastic. Easily, though, tonight was summed up by the first sentance of the show's broadcast: "We are the Police, and we are BACK!"

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