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If/When a new tour starts...


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Well it would be great if they just picked up where they left off , Start in Philly and then take it from there that would seem to be the right thing to do finish the North American tour then release CD and the start a True World tour , possibly beginning in Euroupe somewhere and Finish off in Ausrtralia/New Zealand , but Definetly pick it back up here in the States , it's only fair ;) .

Peace GnR Nation B)

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How about the Super ball I know Aerosmith is doing the pre game but I don't know is is doing the half time show. It will be the most amazing thing for GNR if that happans. Everybody will be watching. I mean just think when they announce Guns N's Roses the place will go nuts and Axl comes out all tears up the stage. I know thats only in my dreams but it's a great dream. Speaking of football go Fucking EAGLES

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FREE SHOW IN PHILLY AT THE NEW FOOTBALL FIELD. 50 thousand people show up GNR play for 4 hours. Show starts at 4 and ends at 8.

Really I think they will start in Europe and make their way around the world and finish in the USA. let's see if it's true about a 2 and a half year tour in 2006 GNR will play in the US again that's along time.

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