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Ghost Riders In The Sky


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Ok, so I just saw Ghostrider last night. That movie rocks the fuckin house. I mean, Nick Cage is the man, and Eva Mendez's shirt never completely covers her chest. But I digress. In the end credits, there is a hella sick cover of Ghost Riders in the Sky - sort of industrial-ish rock (think kinda like the GNR leaks from last year) and I have no idea who did it.......anyone know?

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Haven't seen the film, but I believe this is The Outlaws - (Ghost) Riders in the Sky - although it sounds a bit remixed.

The guitar is great though the whole thing has a slightly cheesy feel (didn't stop me buying it off iTunes though).

The guitar actually reminds me of The Cult. Much better than Starvin' Hank Marvin's original - which, in fairness, is okay as well.

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