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Estonian band Terminaator


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This name Terminaator has nothing to do with film called Terminator,

This band started in year 1987.It was one of the few bands who did sm. serious music in estonian.

In 1989 they recorded first 2 songs in studio and they started perform in several bigger music fest in Est.

1992 they won young bands competition and in summer they performed in Rock Summer at the main stage.

1995 was very importand year for them , bec. they made estonian Appetite For Destruction (Minu Väike Paradiis and in eng. My Little Paradise) This was sm. what made them the best rock band in Est. Theyr massive hit "Juulikuu lumi"(Snow in July) is still in peoples heart.They have performed in Latvia,Lithuania and Finland too , but they make music only in estonian (sm. songs are in finnish too bec. our languages are quite similar)

You may have question why i writed about this band ,

answer is simple , but i have to explain it little bit.

Head singer of this band is Jaagup Kreem , hes basicly the head of this band and gues what band has influenced him the most ...

Ofc. Guns N Roses , hes most favourite singer is Axl Rose.

He once sayed that he has taken some GnR influences in Terminaators music.

This band has great guitarist Elmar Liitma , hes something like estonian slash.

Another funny point is that this band has lasted 1987 - 2007 . In mean time there have been sm changes in the band . Bass player has changed 4 times , drum player has changed 3 times , there were times when Terminaator had 2 guitar players in band.After that in 1996 Elmar left the band bec. he didnt want that there are 2 guitar players in band . After that until 1997 - 2001 this band had 2 guitar players but it seemed they werent that popular anymore , there were many new bands in est. who become more pop. than they.So it was again little changes in Terminaator , those 2 guitar players and bass player left , Elmar and one new guy were in band again .Only singer has never changed(like Axl Rose) . They released a new album what was in top of charts again...although they style had changed and lots of old fans didnt like them anymore.But the live concerts are very powerfull and that makes even the changes in music and style.

Oehh...now this story what i writed is very similar to GnR . And it maked me want to write this , so u guys now that somewhere in Estonia is one band who has almost same complicated history like GnR. The singer in TR. didnt start solo or anything, he saved the band bringing the old guitarist back. To me its very big coincidence.

What u think , if Axl bring Slash back could it save GnR ?

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Yea , well There Was A Time , when i was fan of them...

But here is some info about them , if ur interested - (its theyr offical site) http://www.terminaator.ee/index.php

Here is theyr crappy MySpace site - http://www.myspace.com/terminaator

And ill put here some of the Est. rock bands MySpace ad.

S.U.N. (Teen. Pop) - http://www.myspace.com/officialthesun

Birdes In Bloom (Rock) - http://www.myspace.com/bridesinbloom

Metsatöll (Est. Folk/Metal) - http://www.myspace.com/metsatoll

No-Big-Silence (Bit of everything) - http://www.myspace.com/nobigsilence

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