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Hanoi Rocks


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Day late a dollar short is a good tune...and Bathroom Wall...or was that faaster pussycat?

Anywho, Hanoi DOES rock, and Monroe's a genius.


Yeah Bathroom Wall was Faster Pussycat, as for Hanoi Rocks I always liked "Don't You Ever Leave Me" and "Strung Out."

Actually, 'Strung Out' is solo Andy McCoy, not Hanoi Rocks. I've been listening to that song for years and I never knew until just recently. I was kinda bummed to say the least, lol.

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I fucking love Hanoi Rocks.. One of my favourite bands.

I love Andy McCoy's style alot.. reminds me of Izzy :)

My favourite song would probably be Strung Out and Up Around The Bend.


More like Izzy reminds Andy ;)

Anyways Hanoi Rocks is one of my fav bands and well it's hard to name fav song but maybe Up Around The Bend is the one atm..

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