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Guest Jack_the_ripper

The 1990's were plagued with pop music, each Boy Band sounding like the next. When the year 2000 came around, The radio airwaves started being dominated by Hip-Hop or Rock music, and the Pop movement eventually faded out as the generation grew older, and had less of an innocent view.

The music industry in the 00's took a serious change, the once Rebeling rock music suddenly became tame, and the then underground Hip-Hop movement came in and established itself is the Rebel of the industry. With the now mostly lathargic pop industry, Rock bands such as Nickleback, Simple Plan, Breaking Benjamin, Fall out boy, etc. Became the industrys standard as what was popular.

The industry replaced the boy bands by these "Rock"(if we can still honestly call it that) bands... therefore making them the Industrys new boy bands.

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