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Great site for keeping up to date on album leaks

Estranged Reality

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A lot of people keep saying that Chinese Democracy will never leak to the Internet before its release date - but take a look at this Radiohead forum where they have a topic devoted to leak updates.


It's amazing how many albums get leaked. Dinosaur Jr.'s new album "Beyond" has already leaked and it's not out until May or June!

Anyway, not only is this a nice way of keeping up to date on what all is hitting the 'net, it will also open your eyes a bit to how many major release albums DO get leaked to the Internet - pretty scary, really.

P.S. I made a topic about GN'R on this forum... a lot of the users are those indie elitists but I was surprised how many of them said they liked GN'R and the Better leak.

But if your views on music are close-minded or you are one of those sitting around complaining about how awful the music scene is, you can also find a lot of cool rock recommendations there. ;)

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