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I'm interested in start playing guitar

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Oh, that sounds very good! :)

I think I downloaded something else, because this sounds 100 x better. I'll definitely try it (I've noticed that you can get guitar pro chords off ultimate-guitar.com for instance)

Thanks! :)

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Actually, my epiphone LP Music Rising has an incredibly rich tone, and I love it, if there's an epi, it's either the ultra, the music rising, or the elitist series from epiphone

and it's better from my view to start on an electric,

I started on an Aria lp copy, very high action......

It got me the basics, especially one important thing, bending....

the thing was a bitch for bar chords

my stagg V was a step upit had amazing action and great sustain, the bending was great, it helped developed a quick bending style with good pentatonic minor lines

An accousic, while good for chords, is shit for building speed or chops,

I use lp's, V's, firebirds, one strat(not my syle), and occasionally a semi hollow, those are great,

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I've recorded a little piece :)

I'm just playing the first tunes of the KOHD intro. Remember, I started today, so don't be too harsh.


Very slowed down, and it's not tuned down. And as you'll hear, I'm stopping at a certain part... I'm playing too slow to understand how the rest goes (I can't "hear where I am"). But I'll practise on this one

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get an acoustic guitar...play on it 2 years and if you're any good, buy an electric guitar...that way you will 'earn' the

electric and it always a good start with acoustic...


les pauls is amazing, epiphone is shit. (in my opinion.)

Epiphones are good if you get Korean made one, the Chinese ones fall to pieces. I learnt on electric and have been playing for around 2 years now, i would think it wud be better to start on the one that you want to play most. In my case was electric.

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