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George Lynch


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I love this guy. He's my kind of virtuoso. I love to just go on youtube and watch this guy noodle on guitar. It sounds incredible. I prefer him in early Lynch Mob to Dokken, however. But wow, it would be great to see him.

Also, if anyone is interested, has some time, and some money, he has an online guitar school called Dojo. It's very personal, and you get personal instruction and advise from George Lynch. He releases special material just to Dojo students, and there are contests and all sorts of awesome sounding things. It's a whole guitar community for all levels, centered on learning and encouragement and run by George Lynch. Very cool.

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I met George , when Dokken played a small club , in South Fla. My friend and I went to the club like 4 hours early , drove behind the back , and there was the band sitting out side , breaking from rehersals , he signed my vinyl "Tooth and Nail" record.He was very quiet , just sat there and practiced ampless , but Mick Brown (drummer) talked our ears off!

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Did they still have Rob Beach (guitar ?) He was awesome in Erase the Slate , good album!

As for the tour , I seen them , I actually seen them like 3 times , once was the Monsters of Rock , Joe Robbie Stadium (Dolphin Stadium) in the late 80s. I caught them twice at the club , it was called "The Button South" in the early to mid 90s , it was an awesome place to catch groups , It was like only for 1500-2000 people , I caught L.A.Guns there twice ,too.

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