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What is the most recognisable riff ever?


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Actually, I'd say SCOM.

Most of the others are very simple rhythmic power chords with space in between. Whole Lotta Love, for example, is easily confused with The Riverboat song, And science knows how many times Highway To Hell has been ripped off (cough, ozzy osbourne, the darkness, the feeling, cough).

SCOM on the other hand is odd in that it is a constant series of indiviudally picked alternate strings, whish is very odd for a famous riff. To be honest, it's actually a fairly arbitrary series of pentatonics. It's the layering over the rhythm part, and the gradual build up, that makes the song. But the important thing is that there are very few other famous riffs like scom. i can't say why

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

I gotta agree on Smoke on the water, Sweet Home Alabama, Final Countdown and We will rock you

EDIT: Maybe Popcorn or what it was called too. And Neverending story!

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Guest knerken

It's probably Smoke On The Water, We Will Rock You and Sweet Home Alabama like many have mentioned. Very many will also recognize BeeGees' Stayin' Alive too.

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final countdown


everyone know it.

if you were a little more music oriented you would to ;)

Not everyone, maybe most people in Europe. Here in Greece this song is sth like our national ''victory in basketball'' song :rofl-lol:

Anyway, I think that ''Born to be wild'' is much more common

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Yeah, 'cause only the extremely music oriented, like yourself, has heard 'Final Countdown' by Europe.

pleeeease :rolleyes:

everyone has heard Final Countdown.

Fucking right. This is imo the best version ever.



:question: :question: :question: This is not final countdown , except the first 10''

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I'd say SCOM. Instantly recognizeable from the first few chords and would be known by the mass majority of guys and chicks alike. Seems everybody loves that riff and song.

Definitely SCOM...

I see you don't play guitar :blink:

I'd probably have to chuck My Sharona in there aswell.

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