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Bruce Springsteen - The Rising


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I saw Bruce with the ESB on the Rising tour. The main set was half and half: half classics, half Rising. To be honest, the Rising material was the best of the night. Mary's Place replaced 10th Avenue Freezeout as the extended jam and band intro, and it did its predecessors justice. Clearly the classics that night (and there were plenty: Out In The Streets, Badlands, Backstreets, a blistering Adam Raised a Cain, BTR, Rosalita, Dancing in the Dark, etc) were the bulk of what people wanted to hear, but songs like The Rising, Lonesome Day, Waitin' On a Sunny Day (which they did for 10 minutes while the lights got fixed), Into The Fire, Worlds Apart.......that band is better now than ever before. The imagery on that whole album is sick to the max. Great, great album. I rank it up there with BTR as a prime example of Bruce's near-perfect songwriting (I'm not sure why The Fuse had to be on that record, without it The Rising is perfect).

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This really is an incredible album

And for many reasons for me -

First off - I never liked Springsteen. I was ok with some of his more popular songs, but overall, I just did'nt get what so many people did.

I got into this album after 9/11 - and to this day, I cannot put that album on without being brought back to those days - and it is very emotional for me.

Since then, I've gotten a little more into the Boss and appreciate him a lot more.

Empty Sky and Paradise are two of my favorites from here

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As am I. It is a masterpiece and then some. I've seen him do it with the E Street Band, and again with the Seeger Sessions Band, and both times it was tear-jerkingly emotional and powerful. The lyrics are perfect, the music pristine, and the passion genuine.

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