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The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years


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I haven't seen this movie since I was a toddler - and tonight I got hold of it!!.



I've always thought this film was hilarious - and not dissimilar to Spinal Tap.

Can't talk about it without mentioning the fantastic song that plays over the end credits either.

I used to have Live at the Ritz on VHS taped off BBC 2 at the time - and this film followed it. Elvira presented it all as I recall.

Wish I'd kept hold of it, for nostalgia's sake - but I didn't.

Thankfully the internet has sorted that out for me over the years!

P.S. For those with an inquisitive mind... not that I subscribe to dodgy downloading - go buy it or something - ) you... eh... may want to Google Video the thread title and then progress to www.keepvid.com etc... ha-humm... or something... tr-la-la...

P.P.S. In age old fashion... if I've wasted your time, here's a nice link to some Cats that look like Hitler.


Enjoy, my friends!

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Funny movie, especially Chris Holmes from WASP.

I wonder what happened to all the 'wanna-be hair bands' that were interviewed?

I guess they didn't make it to the BIG TIME!

It's an awful movie, but I think it's funny enough to be immensly watchable. I think there must have been a lot of cocaine on the cornflakes around about that time.

Sandman - you're right. The Kitlers do need their own thread. :lol:

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I wonder where the members of Odin are today.


too funny

Source: Sleazeroxx

"Remembered for appearing in the film The Decline Of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years and for wearing assless chaps onstage, Odin was huge on the late 80's Sunset Strip metal scene. Renowned club owner Bill Gazarri even proclaimed that they would be bigger than Van Halen (whom he helped get recognized), but Odin's potential remained unfulfilled.

Forming during the early 80's metal resurgence, Randy "O" (vocals), Jeff Duncan (guitar), Aaron Samson (bass) and Shawn Duncan (drums) were convinced they would set the world on fire with their brand of traditional metal meets sleaze. The band garnered a loyal Hollywood following, but a major label deal failed to come their way. But it would be their appearance in The Metal Years that turned the band into cult metal heroes or the laughing stock of rock, depending on your views.

But even their spirited, and perhaps misguided, appearance on that cult classic failed to get the group the major label recognition they deserved. So in 1988 Randy "O" jumped ship and formed the Lostboys. Surprisingly that band managed to get a major label deal with Atlantic! Jeff Duncan would soon join the Lostboys as well for their lone release Lost And Found. The remaining members tried to soldier on as Odin with varying members, including future Slaughter guitarist Tim Kelly, but success was not in the cards.

Both of the Duncan brothers would appear with Armored Saint, Birds Of Prey and are currently in DC4. Despite claiming he would kill himself if he never hit the big time, Randy "O" lives a quiet life with his family doing charity work. Odin will go down in history as a forgotten band that was so close yet so far"

"WEARING ASSLESS CHAPS" :lol: (long before Christina Aguilera)

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