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Grandtheft auto4


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I don;t really know what to call this post, but if you're online now and have F/X, turn it on and you'll see a countdown, that says IV and underneath is a ticker counting down.. I guess either the realease date, or the trailer for grandtheft auto... Rockstar if fuckin nuts!!..lmao... Thats cool as shit.. It doesnt say grand theft auto4, but you know thats what it is.. there's a website.. rockstargames.com/tv. Thats cool.. I can't wait for thsi fuckin game.. It should be the best of all.. or the worst.. time will only tell...

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I can't get into waiting for this game. What about Duke Nukem Forever? I got check out that forum. They must be outta their minds.

What.. you said duke nukem?.. where.. when? What about it? I havent heard anything about this.....

I'm a fan of grand theft auto... I'm excited, i cant help it.. and sorry about my typeing earlier.. i'm alittle stoned..

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