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As much as I love to see Axl on the conveyor belt :P it's 914.45 KB...

way too big; that's a lot of bandwidth and I'm sure it'll piss some people off... I suspect the mods will remove it from your avatar because it's just too big :( I'd be surprised if you're allowed to keep it, otherwise it just defies the point of the 20kb sig rule.

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That's Axl???????

oh yeah

holy shit.why and what happened after

love that scene

Yous ee Axl disapear then you hear almoust a little "bom" and then the whole thing stops. Then Axl comes walking back from another place like nothing has happend :lol:


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holy shit.why and what happened after

I think he was just having fun..

and, he "almost lost his fucking head."

.. :rofl-lol: :rofl-lol:

Theres a video in the download section..

and, I think theres one in the Yesterdays section as well..

has old off-stage GnR footage newly released..

was put on You-Tube about a week ago..

whats the youtube name

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