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How do you manage your IPOD?

Appetite 4 Axl

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Because things can get confusing. Like before I had it on automatic synch and that made everything really easy, but I had to stop that because my computer was out of space. So then I put my IPOD/Itunes on doing it MANUALLY. I figured out how to manually add songs, but now how can you delete them off the Ipod?

Also I still need to delete stuff to free up my computer's space. So should I just delete everything from the Itunes library and then just use the library as a temperary space to transfer songs and CDs onto it and then manually add them?

Yeah I'm confused. :confused: And the first time after I tested out if the MANUAL thing was working it still said "ipod synch complete" or w/e but I checked my Ipod and the songs I had deleted in the library were still in the IPOD so that works I guess..

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I use manual... it's much easier for me than uses sync as I sometimes move my music around etc.

To delete a song of the iPod, under your iPod icon click Music and then select the song you want to delete and press the delete key on your keyboard.


If you're freeing up space on your computer, then probably the best thing is to clear the library, I think.

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Hello there, Lady SmileyWave3.gif


Really, the BEST thing to do is to invest in a bog standard seperate hard drive. There's nothing more shite than having billions of good tunes, only to have to compromise your listening pleasure by only having access to a "small portion" of your music collection. Copy all your iTunes library into it and the job's a good'n.


I'm currently managing about 40,000 songs (85% of which I own the licence to - even though the law still prevents me converting and storing them on my computer) and 7000 music videos (hurray for me... I'm so great... it gets boring round my house)

My little iMac keeps the house warm, contributes to the decline in the world's Polar Bear population, keeps the British Government in Road Tax Revenue and MUM in roll on deoderant sales.

I have a 30GB video iPod and a Shuffle (for the short car trips) - I'm so great.

I get bored of music extremely quickly, so I'm constantly fucking about with it.

In fact... i get bored of everything really quickly. I can't watch TV for more than an hour so I always miss the second half of the football and the final of Big Brother <_< . If i was EMO I'd be sure I was BIPOLAR or something, but I think I'm just impatient and dreadfully normal.


I've found a number of ways to "manage" the bastard iPOD as a consequence.

The Syncing options work really well if you've got the whole thing fairly "organised".

It's worthwhile rating everything you've got first of all - so long as you're ruthless and don't end up giving everything 5 stars, such as your Shakin' Stevens, Gwen Stefani collection or "Axl Rants" MP3s.

Create Smart playlists relating to your ratings - I have a main Favourites Playlist and 5 others related to my ratings, * to *****. There's probably no point keeping anything under two three stars on your computer by my rating system.... :lol:<_<

You can set these to update in real time... as I'm sure you know.

I also create smart playlists related to my Playcounts if I'm in a hurry so at least I'm getting stuff I like.

As for deleting stuff...

I find I keep running out of disk space, so I go through all the stuff I either never listen to or seldom listen to and I put it all into its own playlist. Once there I change the GENRE to "STORE" or something like that and back it all up to disk.

I never use the Genre thing anyway (let's face it - you know what you like), so it works well for me.

If you don't have one, it's worth buying a cheapo separate hard drive with a decent speed and just dumping everything onto that. I'm currently working with about 800GB and I'm still struggling to be honest...

One of my mates just bought an 80GB for about £60 - check play.com or something.

I can't wait for the next generation of hard drives. Then I'll buy an Apple TV box, a big fuck off plasma TV and I'll never leave the house again... except maybe to buy milk, booze, prostitutes and performing midgets... probably...

...if I have the time.




Hope this helps.

If it doesn't, then go HERE and wallow in the bubbles of joy. :xmassrudolph:

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:lol: Thank you for the insight.

Well I was talking to my dad about buying a seperate hard drive so I can keep synching and keep all the music on the computer too, but he was like "no its expensive and not worth it" ..etc..so yeah I don't know if I'd wanna spend money on that.

Plus I curently have the 80G Ipod and I haven't even filled half of it yet..

I guess even my Gwen Stefani collection doesn't take up that much room.. :D

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