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Check Your Appetite For Destuction CD

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I have often wondered , why my booklet to the CD has the "collage" page first

and the skeleton cross pic , that says AFD on the last page.

When I put the booklet in the jewel case , I have to put the booklet in with the staples on the left , before you close it

(the're supposed to be towards the right , when the case is opened)

Does anyone else have an AFD CD like this?

I bought mine from a music store new , in the fall of 1987 , and have taken good care of it , I didn't have a CD player in my car at the time , so I bought the cassette too , and hardly used the CD , just once in a while in my bedroom.By that time , I noticed the blooper , and got me another CD , which was the right way , and played that , preserving my first copy that I bought the year it came out.

I have had a few more copies over the years , even some of those crappy Columbia House copies , where they crap up the cover with "CRC" or "Manufactured BY Columbia House Under License"

I even bought an import from England , and they were all the regular way , too.

I think it's a cool thing to have , hopefully they didn't make too many like that.

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mine is like that also. I noticed that last week for the first time. The cd is actually my step dad and its just up until recently that I 'stole' it so I just noticed it. Thats cool how it is. I figured that once I wear it out id buy another copy but now im not sure I want to wear it out if this is special. I may have to buy a new copy now lol

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