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My band doing Mr Brownstone

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Just got a new Fostex VF-160ex 16 track recorder to use with my band. I quickly miced out the drums (too quickly as the snare is too loud) and mixed them live down to two tracks. The bass I had to MacGuyver a bit to get a signal, and the guitar is straight off the amp with too much distortion. I set up to record the whole practice but in my rushing was going through the motions but not actually recording..... I informed the band after three hours of messing around that we had to do ONE more so I could ACTUALLY record it.

This was the end of practice result......

Mr. Brownstone recorded 04-08-07

We're not a GNR cover band per se just fooling around with a kick-ass tune. Our keyboardist didn't show up so no Madagascar this time around. This is my first attempt at mixing the band, I'll get better with time.

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Thanks for the comments. (I am the singer, btw.) There's nothing I can do about the guitar sound because that's how his effect sounded coming off the amp. I actually fattened it up a bit, it was worse before. As far as his playing goes, we're not pros and he's really still learning. At 17 he's the youngest by far (our bass player is 52!) and we are looking to add another guitarist. We're going to do it live with less effect in the future, I've got more equipment coming tommorrow and we're jamming again this Sunday.

It was a first attempt at mixing. I was looking at the song through a spectrum analyzer and I made it too bass-heavy. The drums sound like crap because if I give them them the mid-range they should have, the snare is WAY too loud.

I'd love to to a multi-tracked Madagascar but our keys man has been flaky lately.

P.S. - Did anyone notice how I cheated a bit? Yes, the rythym track in the right speaker during the solo was pulled from earlier in the song.

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