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Auckland concert


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Did anyone else hear about the Chili Peppers sound engineer trashing the acoustics of Vector Arena?

Something about who'd make a curved shell but add no sound panels (I think?)

Does that mean it'll sound shit from anywhere but the very front?

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Im not as excited as I was. I expected an album by now or at least a release date. Doesnt look like it will ever come out...

No kidding!

Back to the concert and plans of a meet up yet? Shazza Im looking at you.

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Well, it cost me $300 for tickets, and $200 on merchandise (not to mention food/travel) and all i could think of today was I wish i was doing ti all again tonight!

Greatest fucking show ever!

And Skid Row! All i need is to watch the new Transformers movie, and I'll be in 80's heaven!

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