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New Megadeth Video


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That's a fucking awesome song! I love it and especially the live version of it from the "trust" single!

I must admit though that I prefer the old version, I really don't see what these female vocs add and in fact I'd say that it sounds more like Evanescence or Within Temptation which is not a good thing IMO.

Megadeth and Mustaine rule! I've seen them live on 1997 and they were great!

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Always did like this song... Not sure what drew me to it.

Feels weird that their first single is a remake of one of their old songs though. Did Dave feel he didn't do it justice last time around?

I prefer his rougher vocals on the old one, but the musical arrangements on this one are better. Cool video.

PS - The chick is smokin' :shades:.

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Guest knerken
The original is a masterpiece.

The remake has lost the FEELING that the original song had. Compared to the original it sux, compared to other actual music, its ok.

I actually think it has got a better feeling than the original. Nice video too.

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yeah the new version sucks! the only reason he made it was because of that kid who shot alot of people in his school said that the original "A Tout Le Monde" song inspired him to do it, he wasn't sure at first but listened a few times to that song and then he got the currage to do it like some voices had been telling him to do.

Dave Mustaine wasn't very happy about that and re-did the song with more jolly feel, which took all the emotion out of the song by the way

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it's growing on me. i like the new solo. but i'm still not sure if there's is space in the song to both speed it up and add another vocalist. i like lacuna coil and love megadeth, so i might have preferred it with just dave doing verses and christina doing the chorus. i hope it does well.

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