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What is rock n' roll to you?


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Guest Ohdistortedsmile1789
Just another genre, with it's highs and lows, which unfortunately appeals to more stupid people than any other.

Says the guy who made a thread about Willie Nelson...

You come across as a music snob, the furthest thing from rock n' roll. The quote you gave reminds me of Wikipedia, you think you have the answers and facts, but just fall short.


You can fuck off, the same to you aussieaxl. I've explained myself enough. It's just a passing comment that I made, doesn't mean too much.

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It depends, I think rock n' roll is so much more than just a genre of music. I think it's a way of living. I like what someone said about the "fuck you" part. That's kinda how I feel. When I think about rock n' roll in my life it's of course the music and stuff. Screw if you'll never be a rockstar, just act like a rockstar if you want to! (except the arrogant shit, cause that won't get you anywhere)

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