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Did you buy Year Zero?

arnold layne

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Yep. I'm a downloading motherfucker, with the exception of Guns N' Roses of course. I've downloaded Year Zero, and I'm very impressed. Is it worth the buy because I feel guilty, or should I just keep the downloaded version? So, my final question besides the one before is, did you buy Year Zero?

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I don't have it. Maybe I'll buy it, heard one song, which I quite liked.

But I think you should buy the CD, because, at least for me, it's not the same, if I just listen to a song I downloaded, that's why I buy the CDs.

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Yes, I bought it! I downloaded it weeks before it came out, by I intended on buying it the whole time. I'll probably buy another copy or two, if Hot Topic and Best Buy still have there little bargains for it. I deffinitley think you should buy it.

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