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While my guitar gently weeps


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So, just stumbled across this and had to make a thread about it.

It's a band called "Yellow Matter Custard" including Paul Gilbert, Mike Portnoy, Neal Morse and Matt Bissonette.

Amazing performance of this wonderful song. And Paul Gilbert almost blew the roof of with his 3.30 minutes solo, including a part played with the teeth. Absolutely fantastic what he plays there. rock3


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cant hear it dont wanna hear it the beatles are lord :lol: no seriously, you cant, the beatles are essential to my make up :P

The singer sounds almost exactly like, I think it's George Harrison. The song is quite like the original, just with an astonishing Paul Gilbert guitar solo in it.

By the way, the also played I Am The Walrus there, in which the singer really sounds like John Lennon, he is a good impersonator. ;)

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