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The Dead Flower NuGnR concert experience

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he said when he flew down to mexico he new sombody there and got drinking and they went through 6 bottles of tequilla in 5 hours and the next night he had a gig.he was going out the back and vomiting in between songs so that might explain the late starts to mexico.

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This board is pretty dead, and I'm pretty awesome, so I decided that I deserve a thread of my own that follows my journey towards June 10th and my first sighting of W. Axl Rose in the flesh.

I'll be providing regular updates, so keep checking back!


Today I purchased a brand new GnR t-shirt that I plan to wear to the show. The shirt itself is dark blue, while the emblem is a light blue - which is cool, because it doesn't stand-out so much. Most rock shirts are usually pretty garish and make you look like a bogan, not this one.

it only took 3 paragraphs for you to prove yourself a huge flamer. bought a shirt just to wear to the show. thats so gay i just want to set myself on fire.

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this thread was such a hit the two of you should travel to canada in the winter (Which is legit by itself, enspecially for 2 aussies) and make a video log of your trip. you can meet up with forum personaltiies along the way. Rick Roses, Moreblack, BS, Kevin, Cryptelf, randy lahey (RIP), the admins, then save the best for last. :rolleyes:

pitch it to axl. if he can take bubbles on tour for a 'wtf?' moment from fans, he can take 2 real fans on tour and do soemthing for the boards, and yarmo being an uppity douchebag doesnt count.

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