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w 23 axl playing "Jungle" and "Nightrain"

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souns good, what guitar, amp and effects did you use on the sweet child? i have an epiphone les paul custom with alnico 2 pich ups and a marshall dsl401 amp and this is as close as i can get to slashes sound, either that or im just useless and cant setup my sound right :rolleyes:


Im using a Gibson Les Paul Classic with a Line 6 Flextone III 2x12 set to the marshall plexi sound. i do lots of production to get my sound, thru EQ and Compression, some reverb and delay.

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Awesome stuff. :)

WOW...thanks guys. maybe i should be more confident in my playing....im extremely influenced by Jimmy Page and Slash...more so Slash, but I think, which is out of my control, I think I sound closer to Page than to Slash (although i could never even carry their guitar cases)

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