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marilyn manson (heartshaped glasses)


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i have herd it. its ok. its catchy. but its not manson. he has lost his egde hate anger spark or what ever you want to call it. i just feel that emotion that he used to put into his music. he needs twiggy back badly. and john 5. tim skold just doesnt work for me. i dont like his guitar eather. golden age of grotesque was a stinker and i think eat me and drink me will to. im sure the mass plublic will love it just like they loved golden age of grotesque but they are all retarts and dont understand what mr manson is really all about. so yes thats my imput. mason justs seems like a sad goth/ emo just like every one else now :(

also just to let every one kno. i am a HUGE MM fan.

and im seein him live this summer too

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