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Just recently got a hold of a few tunes and am really impressed. Sounds like Lynard Skynard meets Metallica or something

Any fans here - I see they've got a few albums out there - any recommendations on which to start with?

Thanks a lot

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Best beginner album?

IMO: Mafia

Mafia is an ok album, but many of the songs have similar riffs. The Blessed Hellride on the other hand, is a fucking solid album, that can be heard start to finish.

I'd go with Hellride.

This seems to be the consensus - I'll give it a shot

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I really want to hear Hangover Music, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Seems good to hang out and just relax to it from what I've read...

It's a great album for hanging out, and just listening to.

I think Zakk said something on the lines of, Hellride being made for having a party, and getting all fucked up, but when your hung over the next day, it's the album to listen to. He also compared it to GN'R Lies, as it was a collection of songs he put together, so the fans would have something to listen to as he made his next studio album.

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Sounds like Lynard Skynard meets Metallica or something

You should try Corrosion of Conformity if you wanna hear something like that.

I like BLS, but not as much as I used to. Zakk's solos bore the shit out of me, a couple of bends to start with, ultimate shredding, bend and a harmonic. Pretty much every solo is like that. The songs aren't that complex either, the build starts to bore you.

Hangover is my favorite record and 1919 Eternal after that.

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Never heard them but they're playing with Ozzy in Wembley next month and im going. Zakks the guitarist in both bands, that's a long show for him.

He does that quiet often too. Workaholic.

BLS are far better live than Ozzy. I can't get into Ozzy live as he uses a backing tape for his vocals nowadays.

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