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Don't get me wrong, its not the type of album that I'd listen to some of the lesser known songs and be driven to skipping a few tracks. Maybe I haven't given it a fair listen, and its just been background music for me. I couldn't name a better pop rock album offhand though. I've always loved Baba O'Reilly.

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What's really similar and better though?

In scope and style, only Led Zeppelin, the Stones, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Mott the Hoople and a select few others come close to the mix of grandness ("rock opera" as AMG claims) and raw, bluesy rock n' roll. The Who were really unique in that they were probably the first band to truly experiment with straight, raw rock while expanding the sound and putting on live killer shows that rivaled only Morrison and his boys. In later times I'd say The Verve came close to what The Who were doing with their experimentation.

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