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Amy Winehouse,the female version of Axl Rose

Gallagher Rose

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What a great voice she has!

Her songs,lyrics an attitude are really interesting,she's like Axl Rose not in the rebel way,but having the charisma,the great passion while singing,the powerful voice,the attractive look,and the great stage presence.She's like a soft version of Axl Rose...the difference is that she won't go to rehab :)


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Nobody gives a fuck about that ugly bitch. She doesn't compare to Axl in anyway. We need some more leaks.

That's not very nice.

And she has a LOT of talent. WAY more talent than most mainstream singers. I bet you haven't even heard "Back to Black," have you? She isn't a manufactured product like Britney and other modern singers - she has a definite old-school James Brown funk style and her voice is killer.

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You're talking as if Axl Rose is the only rock singer to have charisma and 'attraction'.

These days I don't give 2 fucks about Axl, hes a faded rock star who won't gain any respect from me until he does something to deserve it. Havent heard much Amy Winehouse though.

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