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WWW.GUNSNROSES.COM - New Official Website Online!

Gallagher Rose

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I do believe there is still an hour

Has the release time of the website been verified?

i think he meant that there is still an hour left till i officially break my fucking finger pressing refresh on GunsnRoses.com



ha true. Good luck with not breaking your fingers

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Hahahahahahahhaahah I am NOT impressed. This site is CHEAP looking!! I love the low-resolution picture of Axl, the same picture that's on like every guns n' roses web site, in his leather shirt. It's like they took a 150x200 picture and resized it. Hahahah i love it.

THis is cool though:


Hahah I also like how this site is hosted on the MLB servers. (Notice when you sign up for the e-newsletter, it sends the data to mlb.mlb.com)

I also like the confirmation email:

Thank you for registering at Gunsnroses.com - the Web site for all the latest news and information about Guns N' Roses!

For your records, you are registered with the following e-mail address: abw1987@gmail.com

You can always edit your registration information (including changing your password) by signing in and navigating to the account management section.

For questions about tompetty.com, please click here: http://www.gunsnroses.com/about/faq.jsp

Thank you for supporting Guns N' Roses.


hahahha wtf, Tom Petty? It's like they copy and pasted code from the tom petty site, and forgot to change the URL.

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New site is up. For me its a little disappointing. Not a lot of content at the moment but i guess things will improve.

Hey, I'm sure they're still working on it. Besides, when was the last time anything GNR-related came out early? :P

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