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axl's looks


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did he put on some weight again?

on the pics i ve seen it looks like he looks fatter than last year

well it s not that important but i did not read it on the forums yet so i was wondering if i m the only one with that impression


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does it matter? pfff not much, it was just an observation.

normally i never post, i just read the forums since 2000 but this was something i noticed and it seemed nobody else commented on it so i was wondering

but for me i prefer axl tinner, it s not very nice to watch an overweight and out of breath axl trying his best but suffering like hell. lol.

so for enjoying live concerts i prefer he s fit and agressive

when i listen to a record i don t mind if he s 60 or 160 kg... as long as i like the music

bueno, i m gonna stop whining lol

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