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What do you wear to the concert?

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Doesn't really matter what you wear. You're going to see a rock show, not at a mannequin festival. For all I know...I could wear my sky blue flare jeans, casual rockish colorado shoes and Judas Priest T-Shirt with an army cap....or I could even just wear my nice casual jeans, blue casual shoes and a nice dark brown dark blue medium orange creamy white striped jumper :xmasssanta: It really doesn't matter, I'll just wear what my mood tells me that one night.

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:fuckyou:wht r u asking abt?????? Every GN'r Fan will wear A GN'r T-shirt .....so do i.......i've a hoddies with GUNS N' ROSES logo so i'm intending to wearing that............ i'm very excited abt sydney concert on 23 june...man my dream in comming to b truth....u no they released their first album when i was just born...it's gonna bring me down..kuuaaa! :anger:

SEE U ALL GN"R CRAZY at ACER ARENA on june 23,,, 8:PM>>>>>>>> rock1

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When I saw the band in 2k2, I wore a handmade shirt that said "Fuck Dicks: Slash."

I don't know what it meant. I was pretty drunk when I decided my shirt needed words on it.

It didn't really matter though. Around November Rain, the shirt came off and was never found again. I was still drunk the next afternoon.

Seeing Axl live is so much fun.


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Yes, when I go to a concert of Axl's, I usually where jeans or his shirt or just a top or

something like that, something to get his eye, I usually when I had went to the concerts,

me and my friends from New Orleans was in his fan club and we got tickets to go right

at the stage almost and we use dress up in black alot skirts when we were younger,

hair all wild and puffy, stockings, heals or something like that. We knew him too, everytime

he come down we always talked to him. He was a blast! Fun! I miss those days, love you

Axl, bye!!! Cindy S.

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