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Brain Collaborating With Buckethead On New Project


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DATE: June 11, 2007

SOURCE: billboard.com

Collins Looks To Future with Science Faction

Bootsy Collins

June 11, 2007, 10:10 AM ET

Greg Prato, N.Y.

Bassist Bootsy Collins has always been out there, but he's pushing his next project, Science Fiction, even farther than usual.

"We're looking at it like, 'What would happen if we wound up a situation down the line as we evolve, that our technology takes over and we are the ones that they're looking at as 'the scum of the earth'," Collins tells Billboard.com. "It's kind of like 'Planet of the Apes.' What would they be like? What would that feel like? We're just trying to warn the world that that's comin', and we're having fun with that."

Joining Bootsy in the band are guitarist Buckethead and current Guns N' Roses drummer Brain (both of whom have previously played with Bootsy in Praxis), as well as DJ Botieus and producer/guitarist Greg Hampton, who will also be handling lead vocals. "We had a different vision that has morphed into a monstrous vision," explains Hampton. "Originally, we were going to do an old school sort of thing, referencing the elements that were part of Bootsy's career in the funk genre. One thing led to another, and it has turned into what it is today -- it definitely grooves, but it's definitely very rocking and very modern."

Science Faction's yet-to-be-titled debut (which is being co-produced by Collins and Hampton) is set for worldwide release early next year, with a tour to follow. Song titles include "L.O.A.F. (Living on Another Frequency)," "Fatally Flawed Flesh," "Neuro World," and a track with a working title of "Living in Eden."

In addition to the launch of Science Faction, Collins also has several other projects on the horizon, including Bootsy's Bass Project, which finds him joined by some of rock and funk's leading bassists (Flea, Les Claypool, Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller). "It's going to be a collaboration of all kinds of styles," he says. "And I wanted to be able to put faces on the bass players that I look to; that have helped evolve bass to where it is today."

Collins is also about to get involved in the restaurant business, with the launch of Bootsy Ruby's in his hometown of Cincinnati with local restaurateur Jeff Ruby. The restaurant will boast a stage for live music, a museum for memorabilia from legendary Cincinnati indie label King Records and a replica elevator from the 1930s. "You'll be riding up, and you'll be looking down at the city as you're going up," he enthuses. "It's going to be a pretty special place."


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