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Muse @ Wembley Stadium this weekend

Ridin' the Nightrain

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Cannot wait! Totally done with exams now and this is the perfect start to the summer for me. One of the best lives bands around, in what looks to be the sexiest stadium ever built. I'm not sure if I'm more excited about seeing Muse again or the fact I'm going to Wembley. Probably the latter, honestly. :P

It's going to be a great show though. Muse always pull out all of the stops for their big shows, and this is the biggest of them all (maybe on-par with Glasto 04). I'm just glad I'm going on Saturday so I don't have to stand around as MCR and Biffy play. Urgh!

How many of you guys are going then? I'm guessing lots.

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Just got back a while ago. I shouldn't have slept on the bus, wide awake at 7am now.. I posted this on another forum though:

I love Wembley. Bursting with energy. Has the same appeal as the M.E.N in Manchester, just x100.

Stage was muchos cool. Big satellites all around and these cool ball things around the back. Was pretty fucking huge too, but didn't really seem it when you're in a place that big. Wembley sure does make you feel small. As always the lighting etc was immense and it just looked really ace.

Supports were all dire. Streets especially. I guess I'm lucky I wasn't going today - I would've been seeing Most-Boring-Live-Band-Ever Biffy, followed by Oh-Wait-I'm-Even-Worse MCR. Still, it wasn't a fun wait at all. I managed to get quite far forward though during this time. I was pretty goddamn close and had a great view.

Came in with Knights of Cydonia and Hysteria. Real kick up the ass to start with. Everybody went nuts. I think I must've shifted about 10ft forward and 20 to the side during those two songs at least. Haha. Some crazyness going on I'll tell ya.

Supermassive Black Hole, Map of the Problematique (? I think) and City of Delusion then. Not the best trio in the world for me since I really dislike those songs. But y'know, the energy was there and it was still great to watch. I had a good time.

Citizen Erased then though. Oh boy. After heard those three this sounded so, SO much better than usual. And considering it's always been my favourite Muse song that's saying something. Just sublime. The solo was fucking epic and also the source of I'd say a good 50% of the bruises on my body. Haha. I really went nuts.

Feeling Good and Sunburn then. Great summer tunes. Felt so right listening to them live this time of the year.

Invinsible was a massive snore. Starlight then, the only song other than KOC that I like off BH&R. Plus my best friend whom I was with and I kinda have our own meaning to that song so it was nice to experience that live with her again. We did a goofy dance for the claps that we did in Cardiff, aha. Ah you'd have to be there..Really cool pyro for this too though.

TIRO. Oh yes. Just madness once more. I was like a kangaroo jumping so much. I had flashes of those scenes at Glasto 04 during it. Same sort of energy, I think. Everyone was loving it. I can't remember what was after that. Something before the encore. Hm.

Encore was so, SO dull to start with. What the fuck happened to coming back out with a bang? It was 10 minutes of their most boring stuff. Unintended, Blackout and Soldier's Poem. I was actually considering going for another pint by this point but I never would've got back in time.

Glad I didn't too cos it got better. Plug In Baby, Microcuts and Stockholm Syndrome all came on before Take A Bow which was the last tune. Great end to the gig, even though PiB clearly should be the closing tune. Everyone was going crazy the whole time. There were those big balloons with the acrobats at this point and one big bastard of a pyro right at the end.

Good show overall. Well worth the money and the trip. It's a shame so much BH&R rubbish was played because it killed the energy a bit for me. I honestly expected them to scrap that stuff and play some of the real oldies. The setlist was really similar to when I saw them in Cardiff. You'd think they'd pull out a few more stops for Wembley fucking Stadium. I mean they didn't even play Bliss this time, which was gutting. If they had played here in 2004 (if the Stadium was standing then..) it would've been 10x more awesomeness. If only beacuse of the setlist.

Safe to say I will be going to Wembley again though. Lots. The atmosphere was just insane.

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Knights of Cydonia is one of those songs that was made to be played live. When I listen to the album, I usually skip it, but it just goes off live. I really liked Map of the Problematique when they played it, too.

Plug In Baby, Microcuts and Stockholm Syndrome would have kicked some ass.

Cool review!

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