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Christchurch show


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Back at work after the concert, and it rocked. Ears are still a little messed up and I'm real tired.

Rose Tattoo were good and Angry Anderson was a top bloke. They belted out some solid tunes even though he had the flu. Sebastian Bach came out to rock the house for a duet, but his damn mike wasn't working.

After a short break Sebastian came out and did his stuff, and he lived up to all the positive comments I've read about him. Said all the usual things, swung the mike around like a madman, and really got the crowd going. Good stuff. Great to hear the old Skid Row hits.

After Sebastian was finished at 10:30pm we took a break and after watching the crew prepare the stage, the lights dimmed just before midnight and the strange sounds started to get everyone ready for action. When the first guitar sounds came on the crowd came alive with loud cheering and then when the explosion hit, everyone went absolutely nuts and the show had begun. The first few tracks seemed like the equivalent of a 100 metre sprint, it was full on and frenetic and Axl was frequently running backstage from the getgo. The noise was incredible and at times Axl had trouble making himself heard. Too many guitar solos but I guess they're there for a reason, to give Axl a break. On the whole, the show was great, but it would have been nice to hear Axl more clearly, whether that's Axl's problem or the sound setup I'm not sure. We had a couple of songs for the encore, and the show closed at 2am with Paradise City.

I've got a few video clips on my mobile, if I can figure out how to upload them I'll put links here. Here's a link to a local press review: The Press

and their pictures : The Press Slideshow

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Uhh, I think it went a little something like this:

Welcome To The Jungle - boom! Awesome energy

It's So Easy - no pause, straight into it

Mr. Brownstone - again straight into it. Axl not really pacing himself!

Live And Let Die - boom! Fireworks are loud

Robin Guitar Solo - I'm not really into this one

Sweet Child O' Mine - crowd pleaser

Better - crowd confuser, great performance though

Knockin' On Heaven's Door - crowd singalong

You Could Be Mine - loud

Piano Solo (Angie) - this was great, crowd liked it too

The Blues - crowd not sure again with the new stuff

Guitar solo (NZ Anthem/Don't You Cry) - excellent, especially Don't You Cry

Out Ta Get Me - so loud, hard to recognise

November Rain - just awesome, especially fireworks at end

I.R.S. - great but crowd a bit flat at the end of this one

My Michelle - loud with Sebastian as usual

Patience - crowd pleaser

Nightrain - another crowd pleaser


Madagascar - good song, but obviously crowd not familiar with new stuff

Paradise City - this one went off and these big hoses were blowing red papers into the crowd for ages.

Axl thanks the crowd and it's all over just after 2am. From all accounts I think our encore differed from Auckland but we pretty much got the same deal though.Interestingly, during the new songs they played pre-recorded video on the big screens, just associated imagery etc, but during the regular stuff they showed the concert from various cameras around the venue. I hope that maybe they'll cut together a tour DVD, I wouldn't count on it though I guess

Couple more vids:

November Rain (start)

November Rain (ending)

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