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Sydney 23rd Show **UPDATES**

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Now let`s play a game... it`s called... GUESS THE SET LIST:

My guess:

Welcome To The Jungle

It's So Easy

Mr. Brownstone

Live And Let Die

Robin Finck guitar solo

Sweet Child O' Mine


Knockin' On Heaven's Door

You Could Be Mine

Dizzy Reed piano solo (Angie)

The Blues

Richard Fortus & Robin Finck guitar duet

Out Ta Get Me

November Rain


Ron Thal guitar solo (Back In Black, Don't Cry)

My Michelle (with Sebastian Bach)





Paradise City


Dead wrong dude;)

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Nice Boys? Awesome. Not only is it a change in the setlist, but a song that hasn't been played since the early days (and a few times in 1993). I wonder if they'll add any other songs to the setlist at the next show.

Also glad to hear that Axl was in such a great mood.

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awesome show.. just got home..


anyone see what that sign said that axl asked security to pass up during the show? he smiled and held it up to show the crowd. i couldnt get a good look.

sebastian was brilliant, so much energy. i really thought he was gonna take his own head off the way he was spinning that mic around.

and axl bringing angry on stage at the end for Nice Boys, perfect ending to a great show. and paradise city of course.

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Me and high voltage (and his mates) got to go backstage!

We went because vanessa let us in! Shes so nice! We waved to Beta, and she came over to us during the gig and said hello. She was so nice. Very motherly, and shook our hands and everything.

Vanessa let us into the green room, where we met robin, dizzy, ron, frank, some dudes from sebastians band. We further got asked into sebastians dressing room, but soon realised that axl and seb had long gone. So we left. Nonetheless it was a cool experience!

Beta is so nice! Plus free grog! (although I had to spend $50 on a cab ride home so not so free afterall, but nonetheless worth it!

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It's cool to read about Beta being nice to the fans. Seems like the only time we hear from Beta is when she's taking shots at Slash or bitching out fans for expressing disappointment. But it's cool to see that she can be positive too.

Hopefully, the whole GNR camp is making a turn for the postiive. Everyone's been saying how much happier Axl looks now that he's gotten over the CD IV jitters. Those articles about him partying with the band members and having fun seem like good signs about Axl's health and well-being. Rock on.

wow...is that a positive post? i'm shocked... :o

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Alright, what a show!

Only caught the last few songs of Rose Tattoo. Seb Bach was amazing- what a showman. The guy belongs on a stage; really got the crowd going. He asked something along the lines of "So you guys like to rock n' roll all night, and party everyday, right?". So after the inevitable cheer he says "Good, 'cos I'll check back with you in 5 hours to see if you are." On the train home, people were saying how they thought he was joking!

Wasted a chunk of money at the merch stands- tour poster, 2 tour shirts and the GnR army shirt. It was annoying- some guy behind us spilt coke that came down and got on a bit of the poster.

Bach finnished at 10:50. We were joking that that's about when most other bands finish the entire show! The wait wasn't bad at all. At the Rolling Stones show I went to I'm pretty sure we wated longer. The crowd, you could see, were antisipating the band, but weren't getting reckless or anything.

And at 11:50- fuck! Absolutly amazing. Everyone was awesome, the band was great, and the crowd loved it.

Security seemed pretty tight over all- noticed a lof of security pointing lights into peoples cameras. It was pretty annoying/lame. There was a woman near me who just pulled out her camera to take a photo, and a dick head security stood in front of here with the tourch. I mean, that's pretty shit- she couldn't even take a photo from the stands.

Also did anyone see Borat get kicked out?! During the wait, in the silver GA, some guy in the Borat swimming costume was crowd surfing. Everyone was cheering him, but security pulled him out and kicked him out. That was pretty lame of them- it was just some fun. Everyone cheered him as he was escorted by.

The only negatives about the show were the solos. Now, I'll clarify, I like them (I thought Richards and BBFs were the best), but they were crowd killers. The crowd was really into a song, and then a solo, and everyone sat down. Then another song, and they got into it, and stood up agian, but then the same for a solo. And each time less and less people were getting back up.

Also, the worst song of the night to me was IRS suprisingly. For some reason it just didn't sound good. The guitars sounded screechy, Axl sounded screechy, it was at times almost painful to listen to... might just be me though.

It was a real shame to see what happened during the new songs. Everyone sat down. I mean, people should jump at the opening notes of Better, or cheer and everything when The Blues starts. It was just a shame to see people sit down as soon as they started.

That being said The Blues was amazing as always, and Madagascar really was awesome. The background video during the voice clip/solo section is amazing.

Axl's voice at times didn't seem to be that great. Like he was out of key or tune. But then again, while he had some iffy moments, he had some absolute awesome ones too! And besides- it's a live show, that's to be expected.

The crowd was awesome- very loud. During the KOHD crowd sing along the roof must have lifted a bit off the arena!

Axl was in a great mood! Told a story: In Brissy he was talking to some girl, and she asked something along the lines of if he was feeling well (hang over wise). And he replied something like how he feels bad etc. To which the girl replied something like- "Well, princess, this is Australia!" Axl smiled and laughed- "How about that? Princess for a day".

He was just in a great mood, you can see he clearly enjoyed having Angry Anderson up there for Nice Boys. When he said he was bringing a friend out I imediatly thought Bubbles; but luckily we were in for a bit more of a treat! When Angry left Axl joked around, fell to the floor 'dead' and slowly put his middle finger up. I don't know what he said- but the image of him falling and slowly raising a middle finger 'from the grave' was hilarious!

The band in general were just amazing. BBF- how cool is that guy! Everyone loved the solo. People were singing along with the national anthem, BIB and Don't Cry. I never really noticed how hard Rich hits those strings! Robin was great and energetic (did people see that they were selling Robin shirts at merch?). Frank is a damn cool guy- great drummer. Tommy seemed to really enjoy in.

It was awesome- after Dizzys solo (which was amazing), he got a huge ovation. Then Tommy came on and was pointing at him, and he got another huge ovation! You could see that he was appreciative of that.

Over all- what can you say apart from what a fucking show! Amazing. Hopefully tonights show lives up to it. And we get a nice 'last show' suprise too!

Edit- Also have to mention- during The Blues, Axl got on top of the piano and was dancing around on it!

Not sure if he often does that but it was fucking awesome!

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