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Who's crying now

highway blues

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I'm a huge fan of Journey,Steve Perry's voice is one of the best in the music history. rock3

That song is beautiful love the piano and the vocals just like all their greatest songs, Faithfully is my fave is very touching. :heart:

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Journey are pretty lame from what I've heard...

Well then you obviously haven't heard very much. :no:

Who's Crying Now is an awesome song, but I agree that it's not quite their best. It is better than Open Arms though, that's an overrated pile of cheese. :P

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Journey - Captured

one of the best live albums ever. and yes it's really live not a faux live album like so many others. it covers the Steve Perry/Greg Rollie era from '78-'80 before "Escape".

1. Majestic

2. Where Were You

3. Just The Same Way

4. Line Of Fire

5. Lights

6. Stay Awhile

7. Too Late

8. Dixie Highway

9. Feeling That Way

10. Anytime

11. Do You Recall

12. Walks Like A Lady

13. La Do Da

14. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

15. Wheel In the Sky

16. Any Way You Want It

17. The Party's Over (Hopelessly In Love) **Studio Track**

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Journey are currently number 14 in the Irish charts. I dont know what song it is but one of the radio presenters made it his mission to get them back into the charts via i-tunes. In Janurary he got Johnny Cash - A boy named sue to number 27. He's getting better at this.

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