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My budget is about £200 - and am looking for a decent amp for that money - any advice on make or models???

I dont wanna go out and geta marshall just bbecause its the only name i am familiar with!!!! Are Line 6 amps any good?!

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Well I'd recommend a Gibson GA15, but they're like gold dust, plus it needs pedals since its a 'proper' amp.

Line6 SpiderIII is a decent choice. I have a SpiderII and its great! Solid state though is its only problem.

I also have a Marshall JCM2000 DSL-401 all-valve which I purchased 2nd hand for £175. Distortion is iffy and sounds like a bag of crisps, but I find that on all Marshalls.

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Those Vox Valvetronix amps looks pretty good. They're like half tube, half solid state or whatever. you can check out some sound samples on their website. sounds sweet. imma try one out sometime.

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What do you want the amp for? Sitting in your bedroom and playing or are you wanting to do gigs?

The Valvetronix amps by Vox are pretty neat. I would recommend these for bedroom playing because the range of sounds you can get is probably the best value and quality for your dollar.

If your planning on gigging with the amp then I suggest you save more money. It's important to establish what you want the amp for first though. Having a tube head and 4 x 12 cabinet in your bedroom won't do you any good as you need to crank it to get the real balls of your amp. Trust me, you don't want to crank a tube amp in your bedroom (even with ear plugs).

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